Why You Should Have A Professional Install Your Air Conditioner

If you are planning on having an air conditioner installed on your home, you might be tempted to install it on your own. While this can seem like it would be convenient and save you money, it is highly recommended that you have a professional HVAC contractor install it for you. Here are some reasons to go with a licensed professional. The Contractor Helps Make the Important Decisions Choosing and installing an air conditioner is not as simple as just buying the unit and installing it. Read More 

Three Summer AC Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

As temperatures soar outside, the temptation to switch on the AC in your home becomes greater. Before switching over your thermostat, you need to make sure your AC is ready for the summer season. The following mistakes could leave you sweating if you aren't careful. #1: Forgetting the cover Many people place a cover of some sort over their outdoor AC unit, whether it's the condenser for the central AC or the protruding part of a window unit. Read More 

Spring Cleaning And Repair Check List For All Your AC Maintenance Before The Heat Comes

Now that the weather is getting nice and you are starting with spring cleaning, it is also a time to make checklists for home maintenance projects. One of the important tasks that you face this spring is getting your AC ready for the summer heat. Here are a few tips to help you get started with spring AC maintenance and repairs to ensure your home is cool this summer: 1. Schedule Any Labor-Intensive Repairs as Early as Possible Read More 

What To Do If Your House Is Always Cold

When your house is always cold, there are several possible explanations. Here are some things that you can check as the source of the problem. Thermostat Issues One of the best case scenarios is that the issue lies with your thermostat. It could just be that your thermostat is located in a bad place. Maybe it's got some natural light hitting it and warming up the thermostat; that would cause the system to shut off before your home has reached a good temperature. Read More 

How to Troubleshoot a Rumbling Oil Heater

If you have an oil boiler heating system and notice the furnace starting to rumble as it turns on, then your furnace is not receiving the fuel it needs to fire properly. When this problem develops, then there is a good chance that your heater will stop running. Thankfully, the issue can be addressed and resolved with the following tips. Add Kerosene Fuel or an Additive Most people will place a specific type of heating fuel in their oil tanks called no. Read More