2 Possible Plumbing Issues Caused by Severe Water Hammer in Your Home

Whenever you turn off a faucet or run the washing machine, you may have noticed a loud bang that reverberates throughout your home as soon as the flow of water stops. This loud banging noise, referred to as water hammer, is caused by a massive buildup of pressure within the pipes. While the sound may come across as only an annoyance, there are a couple of possible issues that it can cause with your home's plumbing if the source of the pressure is not dealt with by a professional. Read More 

Why You Should Install a New Heating System Before Bringing Your New Baby Home

If you or your partner are about to have a baby or if you are about to adopt a little one, you might be working in a flurry to get everything prepared for the new addition to your household. You might have spent some time shopping for baby essentials and preparing your nursery, but one thing that you might not have done is thought about replacing your heating system. If your home heating system is old or if it has a lot of problems, however, it might be ideal to install a new heating system before bringing your new baby home. Read More 

3 Reasons Green Homes Need Heat Pumps

Reversible air conditioners (or heat pumps) offer plenty of advantages for the average homeowner. These devices combine heating and cooling into a single system, reducing your initial installation labor costs and lifetime system maintenance costs. Along with lower running costs, heat pumps can offer many practical benefits to the typical family. These aren't the only reasons to choose a heat pump for your home, however. If you're concerned about your carbon footprint, then these systems offer one of the best ways to " Read More 

Sounds That Mean Your Furnace Needs Repair Right Away

Almost every furnace makes some degree of noise when it's running, but that doesn't mean that all furnace noises are normal. In fact, some furnace noises are a serious cause for concern. As a homeowner, it's important that you understand when your furnace is making a noise that means you need heating repair. Here's a look at a couple of the things you might hear from your furnace that could indicate that you need to call a furnace repair technician. Read More 

End-Of Summer Repairs For Your Home’s Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

A reverse cycle air conditioner operates all year to cool and warm your home. Therefore, the end of summer doesn't mean you won't need to use the system. As the colder season sets in, your AC uses the reverse refrigeration cycle to warm up the home. Therefore, you need to keep the unit in working condition for the coming seasons. With this in mind, here are four end-of-summer repairs to handle. Read More