Signs Your Home’s Gas Furnace Needs Immediate Attention

If you depend on a gas furnace to heat your home during the cold winter months, you may have noticed that it is not keeping your house as warm as it did in the past. While there are several things that may need to be repaired to get it back into working order, below are signs that your gas furnace needs immediate attention and should not be ignored. Furnace Makes a Loud Banging Noise When Starting Read More 

Need Air Conditioning But Don’t Have Air Ducts In Your Home? Here Are Your Options For Staying Comfortably Cool

When you're tired of fighting the heat, it's time to install an air conditioner. Unfortunately, installing a central air system can be prohibitively expensive when your home does not have existing air ducts. Central air systems rely on these air ducts to move cool air around your home. Thankfully, there are a few options for air conditioners available to you that don't require existing ducts in your home. To help you decide which of these options would best suit your cooling needs, here's some information about how the different types of air conditioners compare. Read More 

Why You Should Build Your New Home With Central AC

If you are building a new home in a mild climate and are torn about what to do about air conditioning, there is a lot to consider. Central air conditioning can be expensive to install and run on a daily basis. That being said, it is usually the most efficient way to cool your home. Many people who live in moderate climates think that central air conditioning is unnecessary. But, there are several reasons that you should consider investing in a central AC system if you are building a new home, no matter where you live. Read More 

3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Costly AC Repair

The last thing you want in the middle of a hot summer day is to find that your home's central air conditioning has stopped working. Not only will you be uncomfortable until a repair company can come out and take care of the problem, but you'll also be left with an unexpected and potentially large repair bill. Are you making any of these common air conditioning maintenance mistakes? If so, then you could be drastically increasing your chances of running into an expensive AC repair at your home in the near future. Read More 

Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Preventing An HVAC Break Down

After you have a new HVAC system installed, you'll want to have it serviced regularly so it has a long life and it works efficiently. A new HVAC system can be expensive, and staying on top of repairs helps prevent costly damage and the need to replace parts before their time. Here are some seasonal steps to take that help keep your HVAC system working properly. Spring Maintenance Gets the AC Ready Read More