3 Things To Know About Duct Cleaning

When it comes to your home's HVAC system, there are a variety of components to consider. While your air conditioner and heater are key parts of your system, it's also important to take a look at your air ducts on a regular basis. Your ducts are what moves the cool or warm air throughout your home. If they become clogged or dirty, it can make your HVAC system less efficient. Regular duct cleaning is a must. Read More 

Potential Problems When Your Air Conditioner Stops Cooling Down Your Home

Air conditioning is a wonderful thing during the hot, hazy days of summer. When your air conditioner stops cooling down your home, you can be left with a steamy, uncomfortable house. If you hear your air conditioner turning on and off without cooling down your home, it is short cycling because it is not functioning properly. When you have warm air coming out of your blowers, it could be that the thermostat was set wrong or you have run out of refrigerant. Read More 

4 Signs You’ve Got a Slab Leak

A slab leak is a term that refers to a leak from a pipe that is located underneath the concrete flooring or subfloor in your home. Slab leaks can occur for a number of reasons, including a pipe cracking or bursting. Knowing what the signs are of a slab leak can help you determine whether you may have a potential leak. Here are four common signs associated with a slab leak. Read More 

Helpful Advice For Homeowners Looking For A Replacement AC Unit

After having an AC unit for nearly a decade, it may get to the point where it breaks down often. Instead of constantly pouring money into repairs for this system, it may be better to invest in air conditioning replacement. Choosing a replacement AC unit will be a smooth process if you consider this advice.  Conduct a Final Inspection  Just to make sure you in fact need a new AC system, you should have the current one inspected professionally one last time. Read More 

Spring Cleaning for Your Furnace

Spring usually means warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors. Many homeowners don't give their furnace a second thought during the spring when the heating services a furnace provides are not required. Just because you might not rely on your furnace in the spring months doesn't mean that you should overlook the care and maintenance of this important appliance. Take the time to do some spring cleaning for your furnace so that it will be ready to fire up when winter comes once again. Read More