2 Possible Plumbing Issues Caused by Severe Water Hammer in Your Home

Whenever you turn off a faucet or run the washing machine, you may have noticed a loud bang that reverberates throughout your home as soon as the flow of water stops. This loud banging noise, referred to as water hammer, is caused by a massive buildup of pressure within the pipes.

While the sound may come across as only an annoyance, there are a couple of possible issues that it can cause with your home's plumbing if the source of the pressure is not dealt with by a professional.

1.  Flow of Water out of Your Home's Fixtures Becomes Inconsistent

One possible issue that is often caused by water hammer is that it will affect the rate at which water flows out of your fixtures. You may find that the pressure has decreased significantly, making it take longer to fill up a pan of water or fill your washing machine.

Then, the next time that you use the water, it may come out with such force that it knocks the pan out of your hand. Or, it could be high enough to knock a gasket off of your washer.

Because of the inconsistencies of the pressure within the pipes, this change in your water flow will not go away on its own. As the cause of the pressure gets worse, the pressure will start to build up even more, creating too much pressure in the flow of water.

2.  Vibration of the Pipes Can Cause Damage to Joints and Valves

Another issue that is often caused by severe water hammer, especially when the pressure of the water has become extremely high, is that the vibrations caused by the water and/or air striking the pipes can cause damage to the plumbing. These vibrations could rupture the joints of the pipes.

Or, the sudden impact from the force of the pressure could damage the valves. Eventually, your pipes may suffer from catastrophic damage that leads to water leaks.

When water hammer in your home's plumbing becomes bad enough to affect the flow of the water and causes violent vibration of the pipes, you need to have the problem assessed and fixed before leaks start happening and cause water damage in your home. Contact a contractor near you who offers plumbing services to have them inspect your plumbing to find the root cause of the water hammer so that action may be taken to stop it.