Three Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioning Before Summer Strikes

The blooming of daffodils is a sure sign that spring has arrived in Texas, and that means it will not be long before the daily service of your air conditioning is required. Now is the perfect time to check that your air conditioning unit is up to the busy task ahead, and there are tell-tale signs your air conditioner needs replacement before the hot summer days arrive. These are the three tell-tale signs you must be aware of.

High Power Bills

Did your power bills over the past summer seem higher than they did the year before? While power costs do increase marginally over the year, a noticeable spike in this utility cost is an indicator your air conditioning is not running efficiently. Whether it is as simple as the filters need replacing or as complex that the unit is old and requires replacement, only an HVAC contractor can thoroughly inspect your unit to give you a recommendation about where the problem lies.

Reduced Cool Air

It is immediately noticeable on a hot summer day that the air in your home is not as cool as you expect it to be, and this lack of cool air originates from one of several potential air conditioning unit issues. It may be that the ducts in your home are blocked, and the air is not flowing freely around the house as it is designed to do. Alternatively, the unit may need to be regassed with refrigerant to provide the air conditioner with the coolant it needs. An air conditioner typically has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years so if your home is older than that and the air conditioning unit is original with the home, the age of the unit likely causes the lack of cool air.

Increased Moisture

Moisture in the air is not good for your home as it creates an ideal growing environment for mold and mildew. One reason why your home has more moisture in the air is if there is a refrigerant leak in your air conditioner. When you do not have enough refrigerant in the unit for it to do its job correctly, it cannot remove excess moisture from the air around you. An HVAC contractor has the necessary tools to check for a refrigerant leak.

If any of these three signs are apparent in your home, call your local HVAC contractor to arrange an inspection of your air conditioning unit. After this inspection is done, then you will know whether your air conditioner is in a repair or replace state and you can organise further work to be completed well before the first day of summer arrives.