Three Of The Lesser Known Signs That Your Air Conditioner May Be In Need Of Repair

There are many signs that an air conditioner may provide you with if something is amiss with the unit. Your unit may fail to produce cold air, your unit may be making strange or loud noises, or you may notice your unit is short cycling, or turning on and off quickly and repeatedly. These are all common signs that you may need to call an air conditioning repair contractor to inspect and repair your unit. There are also other signs your unit may give you when something is wrong that you may not be aware of. Here are three of the lesser-known signs that your air conditioner may be in need of repair. 

You Notice a Puddle of Water Beneath Your Air Conditioning Unit

One of the signs that your air conditioner may be in need of repair is seeing a puddle of water beneath your air conditioner. In some cases, a small puddle of water may be caused by condensation. You are more likely to see a condensation puddle during the morning hours. If you notice a large puddle of water that appears when the unit is running or in the middle of the day, there is likely something wrong with your unit. The drain pan may be full, there may be a clog in your drain line, or your unit may be leaking refrigerant. 

Your Air Conditioner Unit Is Frozen

Another sign that your air conditioner may need repairs is seeing ice on the grill of your air conditioning unit or seeing parts inside of the unit with ice on them. Ice is caused when cold air is not circulating through the unit as it should. This can be caused by problems with the motor, fan, or blower or even due to a dirty air filter. 

There's Not a Strong and Steady Flow of Cool Air Coming Into Your Home

The final sign that your air conditioning unit may be in need of repair is a lack of a consistent and steady flow of cool air coming into your home. If you can feel the cold air blowing into your home from a vent, but the flow is weak, there may be a few things that need to be checked. Your unit may be low on refrigerant, you may have a leak in your ducts, or you may have a dirty air filter. 

If you notice one or more of these signs, your air conditioner is trying to alert you to the fact that something is not right. Contact an air conditioning repair contractor to schedule an appointment to have your unit inspected. From there, the professional can make needed repairs to help ensure that your unit is operating properly and to ensure your home remains cool in the summer.