The Simple Steps That Can Help You To Prepare For HVAC Services

How should you prepare for HVAC services? Whether you're getting a pre-winter maintenance check or a new installation, take a look at the steps you can take to make the process easier for everyone.

Confirm the Time

Don't let a miscommunication stop you from getting timely service. If you made an appointment weeks ago, call ahead of the scheduled day to confirm the time. One simple phone call can save both you and the service technician time and potential headaches.

When you contact the contractor, you may also want to ask how long the service will take. Even though they may only give you a rough estimate, this can help you to plan the rest of your day.

Ask About Permits

Does your service appointment include installation or other work that may require permits? If you're not sure, ask ahead of time. Some contractors obtain the permits for their clients, while others expect the homeowners to get them. Failure to apply for and obtain the correct building permits can shut down the work before it starts.

Provide a Parking Space

The HVAC technician will need somewhere close to your home to park their vehicle. If they need to bring heavy appliances or equipment into your home, make sure they have a space in your driveway or on the street in front of your house or apartment.

Move Obstacles out of the Way

Along with an easy-to-access parking space, the technician will also need a clear route into your home. Move obstacles that may get in the way of reaching your current heating/air conditioning system. This may mean you need to clear the clutter in your basement, move furniture, or remove your garage from the garage.

Remove Valuable Items

Avoid added risks and remove any valuable items from the work area—even if they aren't necessarily obstacles. This could include boxes of documents in basement storage, artwork, electronic devices, furniture, or anything else you feel has value. Along with valuables, move all potentially breakable items away from the area.

Ask About Exterior Needs

Will the technician need to access your backyard, the side of your home, or another exterior area? If so, you'll need to make these spaces easy for them to get to. This may require you to move your dog indoors, remove snow/ice from walkways, or make other adjustments as needed.

With a few preparatory steps, you can make the most of your HVAC appointment. From a pre-service confirmation call to providing easy access, you can a key role in the repair, maintenance, or installation process.