Potential Problems When Your Air Conditioner Stops Cooling Down Your Home

Air conditioning is a wonderful thing during the hot, hazy days of summer. When your air conditioner stops cooling down your home, you can be left with a steamy, uncomfortable house. If you hear your air conditioner turning on and off without cooling down your home, it is short cycling because it is not functioning properly. When you have warm air coming out of your blowers, it could be that the thermostat was set wrong or you have run out of refrigerant. Strange noises coming from your unit when it runs can indicate problems with a fan, or a belt that needs to be replaced. Whenever you notice a problem that you can't identify, it's time to call for air conditioning repair.

Rapid Cycling and Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning can turn off even if it hasn't yet cooled the home. If this occurs, check the temperature setting on the thermostat to make sure it is low enough. Other common causes are a dirty filter or an overheating unit. If you change out your air filter and the problem continues, you may need more refrigerant in your air conditioner. When your system turns on and off frequently, it is working too hard and should be shut off until it gets repaired.

Warm Air Coming from Your Vents

If your system is blowing warm air, make sure the air conditioning system is turned to cool. There are times when a family member will accidentally put the unit on fan only or heat. If the system is set correctly and the air is still warm, this could be an issue with the compressor or with low refrigerant levels. When your system can't cool down the air, it will blow warm air into your home.

When Ice Builds Up on Your Evaporator Coils

Ice builds up on your evaporator coils when the blower isn't removing moisture from the coils properly or when the refrigerant is running low. You can try to shut off your system temporarily and allow the ice to melt. This could fix your problem. If ice builds up again, you will need to call for an air conditioning repair to assess what is wrong.

Your air conditioner can run well when you take good care of it. Give your air conditioning a break when possible, and call for help when you notice problems with how your air conditioning is functioning. A service, such as Any Season Heating & Air Conditioning, can answer any questions.