Null And Void: 3 Issues That Can Void Your Heating System’s Warranty

Every heating system comes with a limited manufacturer's warranty that covers defects and other unusual issues it could face during the warranty period. Most warranties go unused, but it can help significantly reduce the cost of repairs or replacement if you ever need it. Unfortunately, there are a few things that could void your warranty if you're not careful.

1. Improper Equipment Installation

There are plenty of good reasons why you should leave your heating system installation to a certified and experienced professional, but the most important one has plenty to do with your warranty. Tackling your furnace or heat pump installation on your own or with the help of someone without the right certifications or experience can easily void your warranty.

Whether it's a do-it-yourself endeavor or an attempt by an uncertified installer, both can lead to a variety of unexpected issues that place the unit's overall performance and longevity in serious doubt. Mistakes in the installation process can even cause premature failure in some systems. As a result, no manufacturer will guarantee the performance or reliability of equipment installed without the help of expert heating repair technicians.

2. Failure to Register Your Heating System

In order to benefit from your heating system's warranty, most manufacturers require you to validate your warranty by submitting registration information as soon as you've purchased and installed your new system. In addition to validating your warranty, prompt registration gives you access to faster and broader support services and other perks.

Validating your heating system's warranty is usually as simple as filling out a registration card or an online form. Unfortunately, this relatively simple task is easy to overlook and forget about. The consequences of overlooking your heating system's registration can be dire. Some manufacturers may even refuse to honor warranties for unregistered heating systems.

3. Lack of Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

If you haven't kept up with your heating system's maintenance, here's something that may change your mind. Heating system warranties are often based on how well you maintain your system over the course of its life. Overall neglect can take a toll on your heating system's performance and longevity, which is why manufacturers require regularly scheduled service in order to keep your warranty valid.

When the time comes to use your warranty, the manufacturer will ask for proof of periodic maintenance and repairs. Without proof that you've kept up with your heating system's maintenance, it's highly unlikely that the manufacturer will honor your warranty claims.