Signs Your Home’s Gas Furnace Needs Immediate Attention

If you depend on a gas furnace to heat your home during the cold winter months, you may have noticed that it is not keeping your house as warm as it did in the past. While there are several things that may need to be repaired to get it back into working order, below are signs that your gas furnace needs immediate attention and should not be ignored.

Furnace Makes a Loud Banging Noise When Starting

When your furnace first kicks on, it is normal to hear a whooshing sound as the burner fires up and the air is forced through the furnace. However, if you notice a loud bang every time the furnace starts, this could be a sign of a problem.

If you hear a loud banging noise, this sound could be an indication of two possible problems. First, the blower's fan may be loose and is hitting something every time it starts up.

Second, and even more serious, the loud banging noise could be a sign of improper combustion of the gas as it reaches the burner. If not enough oxygen is mixing with the natural gas at the startup, the sudden influx of highly concentrated gas combusts, creating a tiny explosion within the furnace that could cause damage to the interior.

Blue Burner Flame Has Turned Yellow

A loud noise is not the only sign that your furnace is receiving too much gas at once. The normally blue burner flame may turn yellow if the furnace is burning off too much natural gas.

If your flame is burning a bright yellow color, this means that your furnace is burning off a lot of carbon monoxide. Over time, this carbon monoxide can fill the air of your home, especially when you keep the windows and doors shut tightly in the winter.

When too much carbon monoxide fills your air, it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in members of your household, especially small children, older adults, and those who already have compromised breathing. 

If you see a yellow flame and anyone is exhibiting signs of dizziness, itchiness, paranoia, or other strange symptoms, open up a few windows to let fresh air into your house. Then, call a professional immediately.

If your gas furnace is showing any of the above signs, it may not be safe to run without having it checked out by a professional. Contact a residential heating service as soon as possible to have them inspect your gas furnace and discuss with you options for repairing or replacing it.