Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Preventing An HVAC Break Down

After you have a new HVAC system installed, you'll want to have it serviced regularly so it has a long life and it works efficiently. A new HVAC system can be expensive, and staying on top of repairs helps prevent costly damage and the need to replace parts before their time. Here are some seasonal steps to take that help keep your HVAC system working properly.

Spring Maintenance Gets the AC Ready

Spring is the ideal time to perform maintenance on the air conditioner. Your air conditioner probably shares an air handler with your furnace, which has been working all winter long. Spring is a good time to inspect and clean the air handler since it may have some down time on warm spring days and it hasn't ramped up for hot summer work yet. Cleaning it involves removing dust buildup on the coils and fan. Also, parts like the bearings and belt are checked for damage and replaced if needed.

Most of the work involved in getting your air conditioner ready is cleaning the condenser outside, servicing the parts, and checking the refrigerant. Once this work is done, your AC will be ready to flip on and start cooling as soon as the hot days of summer arrive.

Summer Maintenance Involves Keeping the Condenser Clear

During the summer, you'll need to do some maintenance on your own that includes changing the filter as often as recommended by your HVAC services professional. That might be as often as once monthly when your air conditioner runs daily. In addition, you'll want to keep an eye on the condenser outside and make sure weeds, bushes, and tree branches don't grow too close to it. The condenser needs room for air circulation, and it shouldn't be blocked in any way. Keep up with trimming branches and mowing weeds, and don't block the condenser with lawn furniture or toys.

Fall Maintenance Gets the Furnace Ready

When the weather turns cool, it's time to shut down the AC and get the furnace ready. Another check of the air handler is in order so the coils and fan blades stay free from debris. The vents and registers should be cleaned as well. Once again, the HVAC service can lubricate the parts of the blower motor and check for electrical problems and worn parts. This helps you avoid a dangerous breakdown in the winter that could leave your family in the cold.

Winter Maintenance Keep the Filter Clean

The most important part of winter HVAC maintenance is to change the filter regularly to keep it free from dust. A clogged furnace filter leads to all kinds of problems that eventually shut down your furnace. Keep the filter changed regularly -- and make sure the vents and registers are free of dust and not blocked by curtains or furniture -- and your furnace should keep you warm all winter long.