Is Your A/C System Aging? Helpful Information For Choosing The Best Time To Upgrade

According to heating and air conditioning industry experts, home air conditioning systems are generally expected to last for twelve to fifteen years. Homeowners must know, however, that this number is only an average calculation and the actual age at which they will want or need to replace or upgrade their system may be much different. HVAC system components, especially those that produce cooled air for homes in hot climates can age faster when certain conditions exist. 

Dirty conditions create excessive wear on home A/C systems

In order to run smoothly and efficiently, the home air conditioning system must be able to effortlessly cycle air throughout the system. When any part of the system is allowed to operate in dirty conditions, including clogged filters, dust-coated switches, and dirty vents and fan blades, the unit must work harder to maintain the desired temperature. Over time this extra work causes excessive wear on the system and can greatly reduce its effective life span. 

Spending just a few moments each month to vacuum the components and the area in which they are located, as well as installing a fresh filter and making sure that the outdoor unit and condensate line are clean and working properly can help to avoid this type of excessive wear. 

Incorrect usage of the system

While it is certainly refreshing to walk into a room where the air is well-chilled on a hot day, homeowners who choose to set their thermostats to an extremely low temperature setting to get this effect are placing undue stress on their cooling systems. This is especially true in climates where outside temperatures and humidity are excessive for much of the cooling season. 

Instead of continuing to make this type of demand on an aging system, homeowners should consider choosing a more moderate indoor temperature setting and ask all household members to refrain from readjusting the thermostat. Using  blinds, window film, and ceiling fans correctly in hot climates can help to reduce indoor temperatures and place less strain on the air conditioning components. Adding awnings to the exterior of the home can heighten this effect.  

To learn more about your current air conditioning system, including its expected efficiency and life span, homeowners should consider having a system inspection done by a HVAC contractor in their area, such as from Air Time Heating & Cooling. These experts will be able to assess the system, as well as examine the home for any potential issues that could be resulting in a less than optimal cooling experience and the need to upgrade sooner than expected.