Central AC Vs. Wall Units

Are you thinking about investing in some sort of AC unit for your home or apartment? If so, you probably need to decide whether you want to install central AC or a wall unit. Both can be beneficial in certain situations, but this article explains why central AC is so much more effective:

Installation Costs and Comparisons

The great thing about wall (or window) units is that they are cheap and easy to install. In fact, you can probably install your very own wall unit without professional help. However, installing a central air system is very complicated and it needs to be done by an HVAC technician. Most homes will already have ducting and vents from the heating system, so it needs to be retrofitted to be used to work with the air conditioner and condenser. In the end, a wall unit will cost a couple hundred bucks while installation of central AC system will probably cost a couple thousand bucks.

Cooling Your Home Efficiently

Even though while units are cheaper, they aren't as near nearly as affected as central AC. When you have a wall unit, the room that the unit is in is always cold, but the rooms on the other side of your house are much warmer. Simply put, it is much harder to make all of your rooms cool and comfortable at the same time. That being said, if you live in a small apartment, studio, or one bedroom, a wall unit might be more than strong enough to keep your space cool. Central air is also preferable because it allows you to be more efficient. That is, since the air is being pumped evenly into each room, you don't need to run the expensive appliances as often. In the end, your summer cooling bills will probably be smaller if you use central air.

Another great perk of central AC is the filtering system. In-duct filters, along with furnace air filters with within the furnace pump contribute to much cleaner air throughout your home. This is a huge consideration if anybody in your home has allergies, or your surfaces seem to get dusty very easily.

In the end, installation of a central air system might be more expensive, but it is definitely worth it if you want cleaner air, more efficiency, and an overall more comfortable home. Wall units are really only practical in small apartments.

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