The HVAC Energy Elephant In The Room: Top 3 Ways To Keep Your HVAC Efficient And Your Energy Costs Low

The energy your AC uses depends on many factors; even if you have a modern, efficient AC, it needs good maintenance and care to ensure it is running its best. There are also improvements and practical tips that can help reduce energy consumption during the warmest days. Here are some of the best ways you can make your AC energy costs as low as possible:

1. Passive Cooling Solutions That Reduce Strain on Air Conditioning

Passive cooling is one of the ways that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by just doing small things. Opening windows at night to ventilate your home with cool night air is one way to keep the energy costs down. Other passive cooling solutions include adding thermal mass to your home to keep heat out and using heat convection to aid in cooling your home.

2. AC Maintenance That Will Help Keep Your Energy Costs Under Control

AC maintenance is important to keep your energy costs under control. Even with the newest air conditioning systems, you will want to do chores like changing the filter and keeping the condenser unit free of outdoor debris. Contact an HVAC service to do scheduled maintenance at the beginning of the season and near the end of autumn. The service technician will also be able to do maintenance tasks like cleaning the coils when needed. Coils become dirty and can cause the AC to freeze over, damaging the compressor of the AC unit.

3. Heating and Cooling Upgrades That Help Make Your Cooling Energy Efficient

There are also many improvements and upgrades that can be done to your HVAC system to improve energy efficiency of heating and cooling in your home. Consider upgrading the duct system with insulation that is better for sealing the ducts and reducing energy loss. Solar water heaters are another solution that can help reduce the heating energy consumption in your home. For better AC energy efficiency, replace the thermostat with a modern programmable control. You may even want to consider options for automation with remote access and mobile connectivity. For solar water heaters, you will also need an auxiliary source of hot water; small backup systems use propane and are efficient enough to provide you with hot water when you need.

The energy efficiency of your AC can be improved with practical solutions such as ventilating your home and turning the thermostat up a few degrees. Maintaining your AC is also important for optimal energy efficiency. Contact a propane service to get gas to power the auxiliary backup for a solar water heater.