Three Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

There's nothing more uncomfortable than dealing with an air conditioner that isn't working during the peak of the summertime. To compound matters, heating and air conditioning contractors are often in high demand during this season, which means you may have to wait several days to have it fixed. That's why it's crucial to perform some routine maintenance on your air conditioner to reduce the risk of experiencing emergency breakdowns. Good air conditioner maintenance can reduce your repair costs and your energy bills. Here are three maintenance tips you can use to increase your chances of staying cool all summer. 

Replace or Clean the Air Filter

Your air conditioning filter is crucial to keeping your system running smoothly, and even though it's easy and inexpensive to replace, many people neglect to do so. Your air conditioning filter removes dust and contaminants from the air to keep it from building up on important components, such as the evaporator coil. Failing to keep the filter clean affects the efficiency of your air conditioner. After a while the filter becomes clogged and the efficiency of the airflow is greatly reduced. As a result, your air conditioner works harder, wearing out components faster and your energy bills go up. Check your manufacturer's manual to locate and replace or clean the filter every three months, or sooner if you have pets or allergies.

Keep Outside Units Clean

Outside units are typically next to the property along with shrubbery and trees. While they appear large and bulletproof, these units are actually vulnerable to grass, leaves, branches, dirt, and other debris that build up over time, clogging the unit. As with a dirty air filter, this hampers air flow and decreases the efficiency of your system. It's necessary to regularly trim bushes and shrubbery around your unit, pull out any visible debris, and hose out any dirt that may have collected. Avoid using high-pressure water hoses, such as power washers, as these can cause damage.

Replace the Condenser Unit Fan

Your outside unit contains vital components, including a compressor, a fan, and cooling tubes. The blades of the fan are susceptible to rust and corrosion, cracks and chips, and other factors from the elements. If the blades are worn down, damaged, or rusted, your HVAC system won't run efficiently, and you'll see a spike in your energy bills as your system works harder to compensate. Check the fan blades regularly and replace them when they look worn out. You'll want to do a visual check as well as listen to the blades spin. When the blades are wearing out they often begin making loud buzzing noises. 

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