Tips For Staying Warm In Winter Without Busting The Bank Paying The Power Company

If your heating bills are starting to rival your mortgage payment in monthly amount during the winter, then you will be pleased to know there are many things you can do to lower your heating costs while staying nice and warm. Use these tips to lower your heating costs this winter season:

Tip: Cover the Insides of Your Windows with a Plastic Insulation Film

If your home has drafty windows, then it will feel colder than it actually is. To prevent the cold airflow, you can purchase some inexpensive plastic window film and install it on the inside of all of your home's windows. The film is installed by stretching it over the window's opening and then gently heating it with your hairdryer. As the plastic is heated it shrinks into place and seals the gaps between the window and the window sill. Additionally, the added layer of plastic works to provide insulation as multiple layers of glass in a window would do.

Tip: Use a Space Heater if You Are Home Alone

If you are home alone and spending the evening lying in bed watching television, then you can turn off your home's central heat and use a space heater to save on your power bill. Closing the door to your bedroom will help keep it warmer. However, you should turn off the space heater when you go to sleep for the night to prevent a house fire.

Tip: Change the HVAC System's Filter Monthly

Your home's HVAC system brings in all of its air through a filter. When the filter becomes clogged with dust and pet hair, then the air will not flow through it as well and your heater will struggle to heat your home. Furnace filters are very inexpensive and changing them at least once each month will greatly increase your HVAC system's ability to function and not waste power.

Tip: Have Your Home's Central HVAC System Professionally Cleaned and Serviced

Finally, if it has been over a year since the last time your home's central HVAC system was cleaned and serviced, then you should schedule an appointment with a licensed HVAC contractor in your local area. When a heater is dirty or not functioning at its prime ability it will use more power to generate less heat. This will make your bills rise even though it feels like it is always freezing in your house.

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